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    Quote Originally Posted by LITTLE B1RD View Post
    -last thing i saw on browncots clan msg was that everyone was leaving for destiny.
    -played destiny-only saw a few from browncoats
    -came back to defiance and no one was ever on for a long time so i finally left
    -i very much doubt these ppl w/ join dates of 2018 are from the original clan/likely the same guy-
    as mentioned above
    Well said. ..............

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    the thing is tho,

    the wow thing is that Rooster, the original founder of the Browncoats clan on Defiance, has returned to the community today, to comment on this matter:

    ( post spacings put in etc, parts taken out, notes put with [ ] as the post wasn't permitted as Rooster put it and it was erased from the forums)

    Rooster: " Never thought i would ever have anything else to do with this game but here it goes. I was the original founder/leader of the Browncoats. You can look through my profile and verify its me. The day came when after [taken out] ... with dealing with a person who set up a raffle and stole the funds for our guild website i just wanted to walk away. I passed the founder/leader title to a person named Lord Utu Reaver who was and as far as i know still a good and honorable man. I havent talked to him since a few weeks after i quit the game.

    Lord Utu Reaver like me was a father who had a family and eventually got tired of [taken out] ... He then passed it along to [taken out] Jackacido [the clan at some point came to pieces] ...

    He probly thought it was the best thing to do at the time [taken out] ...

    Since all this happenend there has only been one person to even care or put in any effort to get things back and going the way they was in the golden days and he is the only person i have talked to in the years since this happened and that is Ocomos TeMhttp://forums.defiance.com/member.ph...619-OCOMOS-TEM

    I no longer have any actual control over what happens with the name Browncoats when it comes to the game Defiance But if i did i would throw all my support and hope into OCOMOS-TEM. If i knew the man at the time of my passing over leadership to anyone it would have been him. I could only imagine the great things he could have done within the game and outside for the Clan had i been able to give it to him.

    If i had to guess who this person is popping up saying he is the leader and making a grand return or whatever is Jackacido. [taken out] [tho Rooster thinks it's possible that it's "the person who stole the fundraiser/raffle money ... x1 Dothraki 1x"] ...

    [taken out] "

    that was Rooster there, the original founder of the Browncoats clan.

    i trust that this version with parts taken out is okay to post.

    thank you

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    to the community, the Browncoats clan is still active, under the acting leader DaBootyGetta,

    who has commented on this matter on the Browncoats PSA:


    29 - 03 - 2018 - DaBootyGetta: "I just wanted to say that the Browncoats are still active and only a couple still play but i am still acting founder"

    this means that the OP of this thread is talking of restoring a clan that exists on Defiance today.

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