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    Quote Originally Posted by edispilfnairb View Post
    Yep the customization options and game play is unbelievable. It’s going to be real hard to top their game play and the level of customer and game support. It’s definitely F2P done right.
    Yes. I heard they might go more open world like defiance, then it would be impossible to top.

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    I was a daily defiance player for 4 of the 5 years but once I got my one x and got on warframe with the rest of my clan, I dont miss defiance one bit. I thought like a lot of defiance players that their is nothing out there like defiance but I was wrong. Now I can't see any reason to come back. I scroll the forums now and then but the topics are the same ( where are the devs?, whens this gonna get fixed, and this needs to be nerfed. Lol) and it only confirms I've made the right choice. Plus warframe is full of original defiance players too, so I feel right at home.

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    I played Warframe for a while. One thing that I really enjoyed was how far an investment could go. A single $25 PSN card could buy 2 prime frames and a weapon. Sometimes I'd even have some pocket change left over.

    The big con in Warframe has to be the relic system. 4 hours in a defense just to get a handful of desirable relics? Seemed a bit much. Furthermore, more often than not, those relics would reward bronze garbage for the next Baro visit.

    Still a fun grind if that's your thing. If not, you could always try Neverwinter. I've been hooked for over a year.
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