Well, it's as the title suggests! Why not implement some of the harmless perks others mentioned, like weapon skins, more costumes, and my personal preference: More character creation options. They won't increase or decrease strength, but it'll offer another use of in-game currency, (real money too, probably.) and it won't effect anyone's strength drastically. I don't see why NOT to have it. My main concern though, is that all of the options for male characters wind up making them uglier than sin, and I'd prefer more customization options, such as hair colors, better hair styles, et cetera. Of course, this applies to female characters as well, for fairness, however from what I've seen, their appearance options are infinitely better than the men's. Please implement better customization options for free, I'm broke and can't buy a castithan character. I'm fine if these are only applied to 2050, just as long as I'm not stuck with another fugly character. Please consider this addition! :(