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    PS3/PS4 EU - looking for people to join CLAN and complete 15 player pursuits

    Hello playstation EU server players

    im back after 5 years and looking for at least 14 more players on PS3 EU servers to organize large clan parties for 15 man social challenges again

    by joining the CLAN you are joining a traditional PS3 clan which was one of the largest and best clans when the game launched , everyone who played back then can confirm also heres a old post:

    05-18-2013 - completed 15 man social challenges as one of the first clans on server
    Also this way i'm looking for players to continue the CLAN legacy also on PS4 EU server once the defiance 2050 game launches

    CLAN philosophy:
    - No complicated 3rd party website registrations , Discords , MICs , Level requirements - everyone is welcome!
    - No clan hierarchy - everyone is equal , no double standards or high school popularity contests
    - No disrespect , drama allowed - its only about shooting stuff and having fun together

    - reviving the CLAN and its values
    - getting as many as possible players on the map at the same time , it is great fun and a challenging social pursuit , we can achieve it together
    - Practice for Defiance 2055 on PS4 EU server

    - clan arkfalls
    - clan coop games
    - clan shadow war (optional , if demand)

    send me a PM or post here if you are interested to join , or on my PSN: GANTZn00b (2x zero)

    thanks in advance

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    I'm on PS4 and looking to join, my psn is S-heart86

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