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    Please do not enter me - I'm on ps3
    watched your entire youtube video - it was a little eye opening (even though we have had similar experiences)
    It seems you have supported the game and the community, it is a shame you are leaving with such a sour taste
    Cool of you to give out your rig - good luck in the future
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    Woohoo! Come on big money!

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    Nice guy.... Thank you Bullet Babe

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    pretty cool BB, grat's to the winner.
    count me out thou, i uninstalled after 2050 announcement.
    IGN: -ratpie

    CRKT Crawford/Kasper

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    New player here but would like to enter.

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    I would like to enter also. Please and Thank you!!!

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    Count me in and thanks!

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    Add me in the pool please ty

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    The finest Skooma Den in all of Tamriel.
    >Giving Away Full Supreme Electrocutioner Rig
    >Full Supreme Electrocutioner Rig
    >Electrocutioner Rig

    Delet Tis

    I'm on ps3, this just seemed like a good opportunity for some friendly s**tposting
    D1 will be remembered as one of the most successful salty mining operations in video game history.

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    Would like to be considered..........TY for the nice gesture BB.

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