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    Still can 't connect

    Been trying every couple of hours all morning.

    I'm never giving Trion another cent. It amazes me that you're still in business. How does anyone tell you that your crap is broke?


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    Quote Originally Posted by will70 View Post
    it went down at 4am est for maintenance and i tried to get on at 10am and now its 230 pm and still cant get on
    It was up for a bit this morning. Cuz somewhere in the 9-11 am est range, i was actually on. It just went back down again, though i don't know the exact time, i'd estimate 10 minutes or so before the oldest post on this thread, from today, was.

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    hit and miss, mostly miss, for me 12:25 Mountain time, was able to connect, after many re-tries, long enough to collect daily arkhunter reward and do 1 daily, disconnected after daily event conpleted and now cannot reconnect after multiple attempts... giving up for now.
    Fred/Freeda/Frank Freenbeen, PC/NA

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    Critical/Your connection to Defiance servers has times out.

    Can anyone get in? I keep getting a critical message stating that my connection to the servers has timed out.

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    It seems they are restarting it right now. Finally. But all my daily contracts already GONE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenlmarler View Post
    At 12:15 CDT U.S. on 15 April tried to log in twice, got the timed out message and thus could not get in.
    At 3:00 pm CDT U.S. on 15 April successfully logged on, no issues detected.

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    The question is why does it only seem to be the N.A server that has these problems, whilst the EU server runs as smooth as silk. If it's because the N.A server has more people then wouldn't it be wise to add more server space for it to try and get it running better.

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    jesus man the lag is terrible ive re logged time and time again thinking that maybe that'll help
    sieges are next to impossible everything's phasing out, cant even change guns, trying to use an ego power takes ten seconds to register, getting massive lag in expos on bosses which blows dying when you shouldn't be dying.

    I don't think ima stick around for 2050

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    This past Saturday (Apr. 14), I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED that I was able to stay connected to the PC-NA server for 4-6 hours without any problems!!!

    Why can't the servers perform this well most of the time?

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    I cant log in seems like servers are down. it dont even connect to server. i just get the try again or quit.. anyone else having any problems?

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