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    And here we go again.. PC NA .. need more hampster power captain...! server down..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitten Kitten View Post
    PC/NA down again. Haven't been able to play for even an hour. With it doing this there is no way I will be able to finish the Road To 2050.
    I'm not gonna worry about 2050, once this game closes down, I will head back to Tom Clancys The Division.

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    Thank you Trion for a fantastic Easter weekend.. 3 days off from work and I will be lucky to get in 8 hours of gameplay. If its your servers, fix them. If it is ddos again find a way to prevent them.. I get disconnected 4 or 5 times each day....

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    For real? again this problem! what's going on?

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    server down. goodbye boosters and without being rewarded.

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    Incompetence in the delivery of a non-essential service is a good way to make people think about just how non-essential your service is.

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    Just got DC'd after completing a conflict... Cant get back online now D:

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    arrgghhh defiance servers are unavailable try again later right in the middle of a battle, servers stopped responding and then when trying to log back on the same soddin issue as last weekend.

    Server still down, so with it being easter weekend i would presume that it will now be dead untill tuesday, thanks trion, had a week or so to fix the issue and you havent.

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    Got the booty call....and not the good kind
    Booted call?

    White Sack Angels D13 Clan Founder
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    That is what happens when original devs get fired and the new ones have to deal with their code.
    Russian Bear Rage incoming on PC NA.

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