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Thread: Jade's Shop

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    Jade's Shop

    Need to make some inventory space if your interested in an item, please feel free to offer on it. I will more the likely say yes because my inventory is too full.

    7th Legion Sai Zanzou IV - 50k
    7th legion Youkai Focus V - 100k
    7th legion Youkai Zanzou IV - 50k
    Hurricane Blastproof IV EX - free
    Hurricane Charger IV EX - free
    Ironclad Blockade IV EX - free
    Rebel Brawler IV EX - free
    Respark Bullseye IV EX - 50k
    Respark Charger IV EX - 50k
    Respark Contender IV EX - free
    Respark Rearm V ARK - free
    Rhino Bullseye IV EX - 50k
    Rhino Charger V ARK - 100k
    Rhino Reloader IV EX - free
    Rhino Reloader V ARK - free
    Tachyon Berserker V ARK - 50k

    EXL Unity
    Ego: 6000
    AA Syn
    BIN: 5mil or will trade for a Critical Mass

    Ego: 5169
    3 t4s t5 sight

    Precise Tachmag Pulser(bio)
    Ego: 6000
    Syn: MG
    W: Mag
    G: Reload
    B: Accuracy
    P: Shield dmg
    O: Firerate

    Ex Inanis HP-6 Wolfhound(bio)
    Ego: 5900
    Syn: MG
    W: accuracy
    G: falloff
    B: dmg
    P: Ego on Crit kill
    O: Crit

    Votan Flash Rifle MKII(electric)
    Ego: 6000
    Syn: Quartermaster
    W: Firerate
    G: Mag
    B: Reload
    P: Ego on crit kill
    O: Crit

    VBI Short Barrel Shotgun(electric)
    Ego: 5189
    AA Syn
    W: Falloff
    G: Crit
    B: Accuracy
    P: Durability dmg
    O: dmg

    Ex Inanis SAW(electric)
    Ego: 5591
    Syn: Indomitable EGO
    W: crit
    G: accuracy
    B: reload
    P: ego on crit kill
    O: dmg

    Radium Converter(Rad)
    Ego: 5476
    Crit Mastery

    Ego: 5264
    T4 recoil stock
    Recoil mastery

    Tier V's
    Recoil Dampener V (MG)
    Guerilla Buttstock V (IC)
    Eviserator V (MM)
    Close Quarters Stock V (SAT)
    Close Quarters Buttstock V (IE)
    Bionetic Amplifier V (SS)
    Tactical Scope V (DF)
    Rapid Aquisition System V (MG)
    Rapid Aquisition System V (CE)
    Rapid Aquisition System V (Purge)
    Munitions Interchanger V (RD)
    Munitions Interchanger V (NVF)
    Syphon Suppressor V (HIB)
    Radius Overthruster V (EA)
    Power Choke V (SE)
    Maximum Force Barrel V (EP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegan View Post
    I'm interested in the Radium Converter. But since it's a JP, I'm not really sure what a fair offer would be.
    Msg me in game and im sure we can work something out

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