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    Screenshot Issues

    There's no real 100% way to get a really good screenshot that i know of. in other Glyph games its easy to get good screenshots with commands. my suggestion is adding a /pose (or maybe a few [/pose1, /pose2 and so on]) command so people can look at their character without having to sprint in an awkward attempt to see the front of their character. Whenever you're dancing or something like that you cant look around or it will rotate your character and make them stop doing the animation so its hard to take really good screenshots. Also a /HUD (off/on) command would work well with it so there's an easy way to turn off HUD for a really good screenshot.

    thanks for your time <3

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    This is a good idea, but it would be better to have "Director" menu options and native options like "Make screenshot", "record" etc. It could be also few binded keys, so you can switch the camera to be free or normal, which free would allow to rotate it and not the player.
    Also good thing would be to have option which allows to be completely unarmed. Nornally you have got some pistol still.

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