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    Defiance TV show, cass ducar

    I just started watching the defiance tv show. I see now sign of cass ducar, please tell me she's in it?

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    as fare as im aware, she is game only

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    shes in one of the later seasons

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    You may have confused Cass with Rynn

    If Cass Ducar was in that show, she was very cleverly hidden in with the irathient female extras. It'd be a nice easter egg that only the game's players would recognize and possibly why you'd not find her name on IMDb's Defiance(TV series) list of characters. Rynn, however, appeared in 6 episodes. The last time you see her she leaves the town of Defiance as a fugitive.

    The Rynn: Fugitive outfit can be obtained upon completion of The Manhunter, Part 3 - Mission

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