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    New Road to 2050 P.V.P. Pursuits

    since it was stated that new pursuits are on the way some p.v.p. pursuits should be added to the list. it would be great to see a pursuit for:

    1000 kills in a shadow war
    500 in capture and hold
    250 in death matches

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    This would be really cool. It would be a fun challenging way complete some pursuits, not just something super easy that people can just sit there and farm, only to complete in less than a day.
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    I agree!

    I think this would enable ppl to experience the entire game, the way it was originally intended!

    Count me in!
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    I would actually have to do pvp again. Have not done it since fall 2013 when i finished all pursuits... LOL

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    Totally agree. There should be some PvP persuits PvP'rs are missing out

    I can't see much point in doing pvm myself at the moment not much point in grinding for new items now
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    i dont think i have ever done a shadow war (but i suck at PvP). Right now i havent done much but the quests and some of the world events that happen. Not done a MP instance yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    Well there's a load more i won't get done.
    Let's have some time trial one's while we're at it.
    LOL there was 2 of those time trial ones that i really struggled to get gold in, finally managed to do them both with i think 1 second or less left on the clock. Only have the san francisco ones to do now

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    Maybe some pursuits for capping the points? PVP isn't just about kills.
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    Sorry boys , I did my pvp on 3,toons .. no urge to go back now to electro rigs and mb’s ... I get 3 kills , 15 assists , per match .. I’ll be skipping this if it comes to fruition.. like bentu said ... may as well have time trials as well .. to which I say ( insert 4 letter word IT )

    I do like your thinking outside the box but pvp is too cold and lonely imo , actually frigid lol
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