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    Looking for a clan in Defiance and possibly defiance2050

    Looking for a clan currently Played since launch on xbox but havent renewed xboxlive in awhile so recently started being active on pc. Ego is 2600+ and i do plan on playing defiance 2050

    In North america so clan based there is prefered. Jump between london, ontario and california every few months but play while in both areas

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    I had mentioned this to another on a different thread, It is early yet, and my group is all over from the 360, so you'll be in good company. We will be starting a clan once 2050 releases, as always we welcome all people. When the day comes, you're of course welcome to join us. As for the current version of Defiance, we're on hold. When it releases though... we'll be actively recruiting. We have a lot of members from all across the US, Canada, and the EU. Our clan will be based on the NA though. You're of course welcome to join our Discord at your convenience.. We're just getting setup over there in preparation, so more will develop in the coming weeks. https://discord.gg/n6VCFuE

    Clan: 00 LEGACY 00 Platform: PC NA

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