I just saw the 4/6 Defienace 2050 replay on youtube. Where you discussed the variety and progression to the weapons

At 16:50 youtube seeing you do several re-rolls of the bonus stat made me felt sick at what I saw.

I think there is way too much RNG on weapons as it is with the weapon type, variety (ie full auto, semi-auto, burst etc), etc its like an endless string of RNG numbers and at the end of all that you put a randomised bonus stat that has a randomised number based on a minimum and maximum range (based also on the quality of the item)... then you added a slot machine mechanism to re-roll it. *facepalm*

Ranking weapons you like and improving them feels like an huge accomplishment, spending resources for random rolling of a stat and getting lowballed is punishment.

I found this aspect of the game unpleasant and an unnecessary grind that is out of place for balanced fair gameplay. I strongly prefer fix values on those particular bonuses. ... as I believe there is more than enough RNG with item drops and variations, levels, ranks, attachment choices and everything that there is enough going on there.

Please add fixed values on bonus stats to reduce min/max pressure and rather than reward players by slot machine, reward them via progression.