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    Quote Originally Posted by Azimov View Post
    for closed beta email
    Only if you’re on PC
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    I received the following email confirming that I'm in the closed beta for PC this weekend:

    APRIL 20 - 22

    Your Trion Glyph account has been granted access to the Defiance 2050 Closed Beta.
    Log in to Glyph on April 20 and continue the fight.
    @Trion Worlds: Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Defiance 2050 closed beta for PC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin9572 View Post
    They said to check our emails early next week, but also said consoles take longer. I'm sure you'll get a notification soon since you won a beta code, congrats!
    Thanks for the congrats, but looks like I won nothing since I'm a console player.... why all my favorite games letting me down lately... lol RE2 Remake has been off the radar for years now. Still no Last of Us 2... Now this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira Kimekawa View Post
    New players are not entitled to get what they missed last year... they shoulda played last year... ...Tough shtako, you lose sir! is what I say. Bring on the haters because I AM a Most Hated! XD

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    I'm in on PC (email was also in the spam folder).

    Also noticed that there is a now newsletter opt-in option for Defiance 2050 for each platform on the Glyph Account -> Email Preferences page.

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    Check Your Spam Folder

    Quote Originally Posted by boinged View Post
    I'm in on PC (email was also in the spam folder).

    Also noticed that there is a now newsletter opt-in option for Defiance 2050 for each platform on the Glyph Account -> Email Preferences page.
    I was actually surprised to find an invite, and it was in my spam folder. I am a PC gamer, and after all the fuss on the Live Stream shows about "winning" an invite, I no longer expected one.

    It is my guess that console players may have been gifted only a few winning invites because of licensing concerns. I signed up on the Trion website with all the other players, then I just waited. I am also guessing that there will be a hefty download before playing, and an associated server load.

    Good luck to anyone who is online 4-20! Hope to see you in game! --GadeJ

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    I got my beta invitation today too.

    Does anyone know when it goes up on Glyph for us to pre-load? The email is very light on actual details. Hoping for a couple of days in advance because the servers will be under some pretty heavy load. Fortunately my connection is a hundred times better (literally) than it was when I did the Atlas Reactor beta test so I won't spend hours getting a version only to find that there's another update as soon as I try to join.

    I still have to work out what time it goes live for my timezone (UTC+10) so I can hopefully be there as soon as it goes live (and subsequently falls over, because I've been here a long time and I know what it's like hehehe.)

    I'm super excited, because I was an original Defiance beta tester too! I remember taking lots of video and waiting patiently for the NDA to be revoked so I could get it up on YouTube for my friends to see. Those were some wild times.

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    Got my beta email invite yesterday morning. Looking forward to the weekend to try it out. I'm hoping there are settings to crank the graphics up higher then what we've seen so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePlayinSerb View Post
    not true alpha access was PC only and not everyone got em, only a select amount of people and people who got codes from streams, closed beta had a lot more people thats when i got in, then i think they had a open beta, cant remember, or pre-order access to beta something like that
    Well, closed beta was better announced within weeks of release to accumulate more people. Not too much more, however.
    Also I remember I have created 4 different accounts for alpha access, and all of them got an invite. But of course I may be wrong about it.
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    Congrats to all of you lucky ones who've received invites. May you enjoy to no end come the day.

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    My friend & I signed up. I signed up way before he did and he received the e-mail invite, However I deleted all "Spam" mail before checking to see if I got mine ;( Guess I`ll just have to log into the Glyph client on Friday and see...

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