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    Problem with the right analog

    I have a new controller that works fine outside of defiance, but the right analog moves by itself in game. Its locking the other buttons sometimes, i have to move it a bit to the center to get that fixed, when i move up it goes down also. But this is only happening in Defiance. How could i fix that? i have tried resetting settings but the ps3 gets a hard freeze when i selecto to reset settings. It gets freezed everytime i try it.
    I wonder if defiance has some problem with analogs or the joystick is really broken, wich would be weird because its not giving me problems in any other game
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    Its the game ,mine does the same thing ,makes using a sniper rifle impossible .Switch to another game i have no problem ,its gets really bad when an event is on, your not the only one i know a few other people with the same thing.

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