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    Bernal Tower Uplink contract will not complete

    Radial menu, goals, contracts. Top-Notch Toolworks, Patron: Primary Function (weekly contract ending Apr 16 11:00 California time), Collect spare parts from the "Bernal Tower Uplink" conflict site.

    I completed this sub-contract several times today, Apr 15, and yesterday, but the item never checked off and the blue circle remained on the map. The scoreboard appeared, but no "contract complete".

    It may possibly be me: At the same time as this contract, I had a replay mission for this same thing. The mission seems to have completed, but the contract will not complete.

    Defiance character: Arthur 42
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    The weekly contracts have reset, appears to be same contract except not Patron, appears to have same four tasks, all clear. Did Bernal Tower, task is now completed.

    I suspect doing the replay sub-mission at the same time as the contract task messed up some status for the contract task. Moving on.

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