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    Stop mass blaster

    stop this mass blaster damage its not fair the big guns and payable guns not kill no1 and a single mass blaster can kill in 2 seconds that is not fair pls stop this.

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    For pve or pvp?
    Either way mbs are good but I still see many people using brs and bbs in pvp and doing either as well as someone using a mb or better than them. So your complaint will just get added to all the other people that complain. Complaining and complaining with not a single thing being done. So you either use mbs like everyone else or learn to use other gear. Heck ive even seen someone prove a point by taking a t4 unmodded br into pvp and got the most kills without using a rig. Just a simple t4 br that he bought as item of the day from a vendor.

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