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    They really do that

    Are you guys ******s or just dont want to see that mbs are too op? yes, some people still using brs, but they need a good gear to do well. The only way i had to be at the top was with supernova, devs t5d n carnage, ga sb plus chrysalis that do 20% more dmg n fire rate . . . These people that say "mbs arent that op" use mb in pvp ( Why they do? ) thats obvious. Well, thats what i wanted to say, hope mb get nerfed so i'll see the mb/sludge "pro" running to another op gun

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    I run a CN pulsar sup'd that has a fire rate of 25ish and fires over 6k damage and can't compete so yes unfortunately my second is now a mb I see one coming I switch to mb.

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