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    Defiance 2050 Bug Thread - Post Issues Here

    Hey Ark Hunters,

    We're working on getting separate Defiance 2050 forums, but in the meantime please post issues you run into here. If necessary, include a screenshot and a description of what happened would be helpful for the types of issues you experience. You can also include PC specs for technical issues and contact support@trionworlds.com.

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    first mission at demon ranch
    can't be accessed


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    During the sniper's point mission, the bunker where the boss comes out, there is nothing in there but the invisible underside of the mountain. You can stand on the ledge and clearly see all the trees, rocks, and bushes on the underside of the hill.

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    Defiance 2050 Bug List

    Below are a couple of bugs I have come across so far, and I will add to the list as needed:

    - During tutorial mission, when using first reload crate my shields went down and stayed in a down point until I reloaded the character from the character select screen

    - During tutorial mission, I got as far as where you have to defeat 75 enemies. I completed the objective and the cutscene ensued where they jumped over the wall. Upon the cutscene ending I got a message saying that connection to the server had been lost. When I logged back in, it put me back over the wall with only 4 enemies to kill and no objective markers. The mission on the right hand side says "Recovery Mission" but has no way to progress. I attempted to leave the area and come back, ran all teh way back to the begining, interacting with Cass and with the environment. Nothing worked and eventually I had to resort to character recreation to complete.

    - When attempting to enhance a weapon, the game completely crashed twice. Additionally, finding enhanced is very much unintuitive.

    - The UI seems to be severely lacking. It is not recognizing the controller to show what buttons to press to interact with things, instead still showing the keyboard button. There also seems to be quite a few hotkey tips for how to access stuff such as weapon enhancing.
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    List of what I've noticed so far (mostly minor things):
    • This was mentioned in other threads already, but I also crashed after completing a mission (I think Chaos Reigns) - crashed again in the middle of medical recovery. Looked like a big crash, there was a queue to get back in
    • "Claimable Items" appearing at the top left
    • "Class Points Available" in the top left when I have no class points available. This one comes and goes, not sure how/why
    • Everything in my inventory is showing up when I'm on the "Prototype" tab
    • This one isn't necessarily a bug, and maybe I'm being too OCD, but on the inventory screen, why are "ALL" and "NEW" in all caps but no other tabs are? ("Favorite", "Prototype", etc.)
    • We have to manually pick up all salvage?? Please no.
      ---------Asked this one in the livestream, looks like this may be changed
    • In loadout view, unequipping an item gives a completely random power value
    • Looks like Caeruleum Cores are back maybe? I see one as a reward for side missions, but underneath its symbol on the stats tab it says Purified Gulanite. Or maybe the currency names & symbols were swapped intentionally?
    • This may also be intentional, but so far every side mission on my map has nearly identical rewards. The only differences for some being slightly more XP or 100 Scrip vs. 200 Scrip. Meh.
    • Suggestion: It would be nice if the different shield types could be sorted out in our inventory similar to how the weapons & mods are

    Link to images that go with the items listed above (see image titles/descriptions):

    Reporting things as I find them - will keep coming back to edit if I find more
    IGN: Krapping Koala --- Platform: PC/NA --- Clan: Zodiac Defiance

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    Weapon enhancement bug - I tried to unlock a magazine slot on a sniper rifle. I did not have the 2 blue currency items to pay for it but it did let me click on it to try. Once I clicked on it the “unlock in progress” circle appeared as it should but it stayed on the screen.

    1) if you do not have the “currency” required to do something, it should tell you and not go through the motions.
    2) Once the in progress circle appeared on the screen it stayed there. It would not go away no matter what I did except restart. I could continue doing what wanted when it was up so it did not prevent gameplay but it did impede vision.

    Koala captured the others I was going to mention with the constant messages and wrong information with class points and claimable items.

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    Comodo is reporting Malware@#3onznfryo2h21 in the X64 GlyphCrashHander64.exe that came with the game.

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    It seems that some players are experiencing major issues with regards to weapon enhancement system. Open the screen and try to 'enhance weapon' only for game to crash back to the title screen. Seemingly on demand every time for some players that I have been hearing.
    Multiple disconnections across the server at seemingly random times which I suppose can be expected as its beta. But this particular situation seems to be all a bit too familiar given the recent issues that have been had on the original defi.
    I have to say given the recent issues which we have all experienced I would have expected stability to be a top priority even in beta.
    It was stated in previous livestream that server stability would not continue to be an issue in 2050??

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    game open well but only see black screen

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    Ill start from the thing we all know most, crashes, they happen regardless of what im doing, i mean everything is causing crashes, either single player or area instance crash, such as the medical rescue team, had a 5 man group on it, and we all crashed, some quit most likely because we only had 3 after rejoining, instance reset, but we managed to finish it, had another crash after retrying a hotshot cause i was down 400 points and wanted to be placed number 1, not a big deal but it still crashed mid way. Most common things I my self and others have encountered, are random instances cause crash if we try to help them, or weapon enhance, everytime it crashes no matter what you try and how you try it, it will crash, weapon enhancing is considered broken for me at this point, adding mod slots seems broken if you dont have the currency to upgrade a slot, it just has the processing function and a darkened screen, relogging cause a crash of the game entirely with this one, trying to talk to vendor and sell guns you dont need / want may cause crash, had it happen two times. Overall game at this point seems unplayable at most, you can play for 5 mins and hope not to crash once you finish a mission to continue to the next mission, but lo and behold bam you crash, it takes away from the game, you cant play find bugs and realize that the whole game is just crashing constantly, there is a massive train of users, r the server is not able to withstand the game and players constantly crashing and relogging instantly, even with a queue, please look into the crashing, thats the biggest problem atm, i'd love to find more bugs and report them, but i've crashed 15 times, and relogged to find another crash is right along the way, once something doesnt die i tried just relogging, but that sets back time, lost a few items because of it, and mission completions, so im just going to wait until somethings done and log in later in hopes somethin was fixed.

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