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    Crashhandler.exe - Entry point not found... error prevents running beta

    Unable to play the Defiance2050 beta on the same computer I use to run Defiance.
    Pressing PLAY from Glyph generates an error box.
    TITLE: Crashhandler.exe - Entry Point not found
    DESCRIPTION: the procedure entry point K32EnumProcessModules could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

    this is followed by 2 Windows "APPCRASH" problem events:
    1) Application Name: CrashHandler.exe Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll!K32EnumProcessModules
    2) Application Name: Defiance.exe Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll

    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit w/SP2
    HW: Intel Core2 Quad-2.66mhz / 8MB / Dual Nvidia 9600S in SLI

    NOTE: Initially, I was getting a ...missing MSVCP140.dll... error. Installing the MS Visual C++ 2015 redistributable Update 3 64 bit version resolved that. I had the 32 bit version, but not the 64bit version on the system.

    I could not find system requirements in the Defiance2050 info. Are you planning to still support Vista?
    Found the following indicating an issue coding around this module and pre-Windows7:
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    Main mission

    Doesn't work main mission "Kith and Kinship". There're nobody to rescue,completely empty area.


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    Dismantle is does not work as intended.
    There is literally no option to break most of the stuff.
    Only weapons have dismantle option (which is equivalent to break I guess), shields not.

    Why not treat these blue discs (new pg) just as pg? You do something, you gather that stuff to handle your weapons. Get rid of salvage it is outdated.

    Map bug: (Bloodbath)

    Possibly bug:
    The sub-categories under Inventory (Mods) won't show the mods even if they are available under Mods cat.
    for example, I have many mag mods but the mag sub-category won't show any. Each sub-cat is bugged like that.

    Possible reason:
    It probably shows only mods for sniper rifle/pistol.
    I have two sights for such weapons type and they are displayed there finely.

    Yes, the workaround is to make such missions in group. Mate must stay in the bugged area, add you to the group (he will be leader), then you have to start the mission again and teleport to him when it's needed. Such crazy solution worked for me each time.

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    I have a question about bug reporting.
    We have now spent 5 years reporting bugs in Defiance, many of which are still there as Trion just cant be arsed to sort them out most of the time. 2050 Has some bugs in it that are a direct cut + paste from Defiance.
    WHAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK TRION ARE GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT BUGS IN 2050? Going on their long standing rep for failing to sort bugs I'm honestly not hopeful.

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    1. Rebel shields do not show as equipped on the UI. It shows up on the loadout, I believe it also gets added into the power rating, but on the main screen it looks like there is no shield. Other grouped players also saw it as I had no shield.
    Guessing it's just a graphical error. This was true for all the Rebel shields, regardless of rating or type. Every other shield I tried worked fine (although I didn't have many shields to try) .

    EDITED: Are the Rebels not actually "shields" ( no capacity, no durability, no hit points, etc) and that's why they don't show up on the UI? So is this intended or are the Rebels missing their stats?

    2. Like others mentioned, it would be nice to have all salvage as auto-looted.

    3. Ego during Hellbug swarm at North Mine kept saying Volge.

    4. As others mentioned, got kicked several times during the main training mission when meeting up with Cas.

    5. As others mentioned, Class Points Available kept showing up on the UI even when I did not have class points available to use.

    6. Would be a nice time saver to be able to pick up multiple side missions in a queue.

    7. Don't see health on Scrapper Progenitor Core in the major arkfall.

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    I got a beta invite for PC, But i can't seem to download the client. I am sure that i logged in with the correct account on glyph. I restarted glyph, I even restarted my whole PC, but the client is still not visible in my glyph client.

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    Outside Roanoke, in Virginia, on an actual pc.
    Game hard-freezes at random points during Arkfall finals in Madera.
    The only way out is to C/A/D the game and log in again.

    At which point the game forgets I was logged in and puts me into a random shard with no score.
    That was fixed years ago, so this game code we're testing is from before that patch.
    These are just my opinions.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

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    I got accepted in beta for xbox one , account is linked email confirmation recieved but the game isnt in the insider hub many people have this same problem but we get no answer here or on twitter!!

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    PS4 Closed beta 4/27/18-4/29/18 Bug

    Double tapping triangle will hurt you as well as throw you a few feet in the air. Happens 90% of the time and does about 3 pips of damage to character. After playing further it only seems to happen when you are switching between the base assault rifle and the Thunder.

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    Playing on Xbox One and in the beginning when it asks if you wish to sign in with your Trion World account, when I do so, it tells me my password is incorrect but works when i sign into trion worlds on my phone.. Anyone else had that issue? I had to play with my Xbox live email.
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