This is the same game starting over, not a new game, and to get old players to move to the new game is a tricky thing in such a situation.

One of the reasons that The Secret World re-launch into Secret World Legends worked was that old time players didn't have to re-buy anything that they had spent money on in the past. All they had to do was build up their characters again, but the vast majority of stuff they spent money on made the transfer into the new game. (Another reason The Secret World was a success was it was it's first time in free to play mode, but not expecting old players to have to pay for anything they had spent on in the past again was a major step in the right direction and getting most of the old players to move into the new game).

So you all need to make sure all cosmetics, vehicles, etc make the transfer with the Valor Program if you want old players to move to the new game. You also really need to make sure nobody has to buy any expansions they paid for or anything that came with them again. If they're free to everybody in the new game great, nobody has to buy anything new there, but if you're selling them again then you can't expect old players to have to buy them over again.

One of the things that will be tricky is that your lock boxes had so many major weapon jackpots and things people spent so much to get and you're saying weapons won't be making the transfer. You've got to figure out a way to make old players happy with that somehow, and I don't know how to do that if the weapons aren't making it over to the new game.

You *are* going to have a lot of the jackpot weapons and others that people bought in the new game even if the stats are different. So while you can't transfer over the exact weapons as they were, you could transfer over the special weapons in whatever new format they come in.

I get that you'd all like people to spend hundreds and thousands on the loot boxes again, but the thing is if you expect too much to be done over as far as spending goes people simply won't make the transfer to the new game. The new players you draw in will hopefully do a lot of spending, and any new content you'd get old players to spend on again, but if you expect old players to re-spend on the same stuff again in the new game they simply aren't going to play it.

If you give them the old jackpots and special weapons they won, they'll be happy and confident about spending more money on your new weapons and new content. But you shouldn't expect them to try to spend on the same weapons they already won, even if there are minor changes in the system in the way things work.

No, you can't transfer over the exact built up weapons that they have but you'll have versions of those jackpot weapons and other paid specials in the new game as well, so you can still give those out to the people who won / bought them.