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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinVonBach View Post
    And yet, people claim the Defiance 2050 beta had the "same server issues".

    And considering that the EU players were playing on the US server, i say again that it went very smoothly.
    Friday the game lagged a bit in the first hours, but the rest of the time it was more than ok.
    Now, it was a beta test, problems were bound to happen to some of us for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheStigsCousin View Post
    I can answer your 2 questions --
    1- It will not be cross platform playable. Each platform has it's own servers.
    2- Because of the changes in the game mechanics, weapons, shields, grenades, etc. characters and items will not transfer to 2050. Some cosmetic items, vehicles and titles will. You will earn Valor points from Defiance to spend in 2050.

    Thank you for the answers. Although a little bummed out that it won't transfer, should still be fun to grind away

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    The only gripe that I have with the beta is the size of the text in the UI.

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    personaly I'm a huge fan of defiance with my ego on pc and xbox 360 firmly at 19850 but I really wish they would already release the public beta on xbox 1 market

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    I agree the text in game was little small for the resolution .

    I only had 1 disconnect through eu although i only start playing last 2 days of closed beta ,it was easier enough to survive through all missions but then i was on road ego 20 and killed instantly from a flash of light by a cheating viscera while at long range no projectile or power slide , so i ran him over with the bike a few times , clearly vulge level was way above cap in beta .

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