Hey Ark Hunters,

We're excited to bring Closed Beta to you this weekend, now with consoles! Tune in Friday for the Defiance livestream at 1:30pm PT (8:30pm UTC). At 10:00am PT we'll be opening up Defiance 2050 Console & PC Closed Beta to go live and will be streaming at a later time than expected. We'll talk about some of the updates in the Closed Beta coming this weekend and playing with the community. Join the www.Twitch.tv/TrionWorlds channel and stay connected on forums, Twitter, and Facebook for exciting Defiance news. Next week we'll be back at our normal 10:30am PT time on Fridays.

Be sure to sign up for Closed Beta at www.Defiance2050.com if you haven't already, see you Friday Ark Hunters!

-The Defiance Team