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    Closed Beta Begins & PC Founder’s Packs Now Available on 4/27

    Defiance 2050 Closed Beta - April 27 to 29
    Defiance 2050 Closed Beta is back in action this weekend (4/27 - 4/29), and this time with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (NA only), & PC! Become an Ark Hunter in this Closed Beta event starting Friday (4/27) at 10:00 AM Pacific and ending Monday (4/30) morning at 10:00 AM Pacific. Defiance 2050 is a free to play, massive co-op action shooter in a futuristic terraformed world filled with alien ark technology. In this Closed Beta, players will get a first look at the updated graphics, class skill system and weapon enhancements in Defiance 2050. Team up this weekend and fight through epic arkfall events, an exhilarating co-op instance, and compelling story missions as you explore the world of Defiance 2050.

    Become a Founder - Demolish the New Frontier at Launch
    Get a head start at launch and check out the variety of Defiance 2050 Founder’s Packs filled items including an amazing ATV, special titles, unique classes, slick outfits, and much more! PC Players now have the opportunity to unlock the Founder’s Packs, but keep in mind these items will be available when head start begins and not during closed beta. Have a blast with the new Demolitionist class and get an explosive 3-day head start before launch.

    As we get closer to Defiance 2050’s launch this summer, the Founder’s Packs will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. Defiance 2050 is a free to play online multiplayer game, and players will be able to unlock classes through purchase or gameplay. Check out our Store page for more details and see what’s in our Ultimate Founder’s Pack!

    Ultimate Founder’s Pack:
    • 3-day Head Start[/*]
    • $50 worth of Bits currency[/*]
    • TMW Hannibal 800R ATV[/*]
    • Assault Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Assassin Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Guardian Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Combat Medic Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Demolitionist Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Exclusive Demolitionist Outfit Tint[/*]
    • 30 Inventory Slots[/*]
    • 30-day XP Boost[/*]
    • “Classy” Title[/*]
    • “Demolitionist” Title[/*]
    • “Opportunist” Title[/*]

    Become a “Beta Blazer” in Beta
    Unlock the special “Beta Blazer” title for participating in the Defiance 2050 Closed Beta and it will be granted in game when Defiance 2050 launches. In this closed beta, explore the Mt. Tam and Madera story mission zones and play the Liberate the Lost co-op instance to team up with your friends. During this closed beta test, in-game store purchases, achievements, trophies, and PvP will be disabled, but look forward to those features come launch time. Ark Hunters can reach up to power level 1500, character level 25, and class level 25. The end game content and post launch updates this summer will see the most new additions and changes, but those will not be accessible during this beta test.

    Closed Beta Updates, Bugs, and Install Info
    Special thanks to all the Ark Hunters who played in in the first PC Closed Beta! The Defiance 2050 team resolved several issues for this beta weekend with your help. If you played the previous closed beta, you are invited to play again this week and now Xbox One & PlayStation 4 players can join in the fun. You may encounter some bugs (more than just Hellbugs) in the closed beta test and we greatly appreciate your bug reports on the forums. Check the Defiance 2050 updated fixes & known bug list here and report new bugs here.

    If you are running into an issue applying a beta code or installing the game, check out our Trion Worlds Support Center for assistance or check out the Closed Beta FAQ. Thanks for participating in our closed beta test and happy ark hunting!

    -The Defiance 2050 Team
    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
    Community Manager

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    Will purchase of a founders pack prior to the valor cutoff date count as a regular purchase on Defiance and grant valor commendations for 2050?

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    I would play if the bloody thing appear in the Insider HUB for me!

    Welcome to the Closed Beta
    April 27 – 29

    Your Xbox account has been granted access to the Defiance 2050 Closed Beta, no beta key necessary.

    To access the Defiance 2050 Closed Beta:
    1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub (or install the Xbox Insider Hub from the Store first if needed).
    2. From the main landing page, select "Insider content" from the side menu.
    3. Navigate to "Games > Defiance 2050 Closed Beta".
    4. Select "Nothing because it's not showing in the list"
    5.Be unable to download Defiance 2050 now and get ready to play on April 27.

    Is basically what my email saying I'm in is basically saying to me right now! Like I swear if this because I'm preview ring Delta that is utter BS!

    Like a friend of mine who hasn't signed up for the close beta and he is Preview Ring Beta has Defiance 2050 showing in his Insider Content list but it won't allow him to download it!

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    Can I not buy the founders pack for xbox one

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandon2050 View Post
    Can I not buy the founders pack for xbox one
    "As we get closer to Defiance 2050’s launch this summer, the Founder’s Packs will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well."

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    good bye 2050

    Quote Originally Posted by TrionMobi View Post

    Ultimate Founder’s Pack:[list] [*]3-day Head Start[/*]
    player progress does not carry over
    inventory does not carry over
    no trading
    clan cap of 300 members

    and now if players want to have same player name or clan name, they need to buy a $50 bundle to get in 3 days earlier to make claim to their old player name and or clan name before someone else does?

    the straws that broke the camel's back

    unless things change
    good bye 2050
    disconnect parody https://youtu.be/ndozn_qDVJI
    defiance pax parody https://youtu.be/wpIwZeuJZAU
    professor chaos69
    founder chaos crew pc/na
    all players welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionMobi View Post

    Ultimate Founder’s Pack:
    • Assault Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Assassin Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Guardian Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Combat Medic Class + Outfit[/*]
    • Demolitionist Class + Outfit[/*]
    Does this mean that classes won't be unlocked automatically when Defiance 2050 launches? If so, what will F2P players get when the game launches?

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    Am with the Professor on this one. So far I find most of what made defiance great being stripped out of this whole "new experience". Can we get a decent loot sort............Not paying 50 bucks to keep my player name that's for sure. Not playing without it either.

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    Me too agree with the professor as well , after all the loyalty to defiance for the last few years and time played cash spent all you have to do is pay 50$ to get a jump start of 3 days. So far there no incentives to move to 2050 and to find out some has took you personal name or clan name that would be a swift kick

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    I would only consider buying a founders pack if the game stayed in beta till the launch date.

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