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    Bug/Issue/Feedback: D50 Closed Beta Xbox One

    Directional Icon for D-Pad indicators unable to be determined when playing on Xbox One
    - There appears to be no contrast for the + indicator indicating which direction to push for vehicle etc. (At standard resolution on a Xbox One S the indicator isn't large enough, or has enough contrast to determine direction needed to push to get proper effect.)

    Video stuttering/tearing prevalent in most cinematics (unfortunately distracting, not game-breaking but poor presentation)
    - Xbox One S, OLED display, running off of external USB3 HD

    - UI is 'small' on a standard (not-4K) tv
    - Text for subtitles is 'thin' and hard to read on standard TV's at 'normal' tv distance.

    Starter Quest is advising you on how you should use your grenade and that it has a ~20 second cool-down shortly after landing from the 'Stratocruiser explosion cut-sequence'
    - Player has no grenades at that point in the game, and there were none provided for pickup or equipping at that point in the game. (First grenade reward is 2-3 main quests in.)

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    How to change language to english,? it is german when i start the beta and I find no way to change.

    I am on xbox one with swedish language.

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