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    2050 Beta feedback

    Yop all.

    I am on PS4 Pro and i would like to make some feedback about this Beta.

    Feel free to do the same.

    - Character creator needs more variety, espacially in terms of color choices (hairs, facial tatoos...)
    - Need an option to activate V-Sync
    - Need an option to lock the framerate at 30 fps
    - Aiming shouldn't be reseting the reload action, it's annoying
    - Dodging animation is too slow

    That's it for now, i will maybe update it later if necessary.

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    The game powers and guns neeed work. The weapons need to do more for example a handguns that lowers defenses and causeed electric damage over time. Also, the toon feelsweak no matter how high my leve powers should do more they feel kinda lazy and not fun. Please add more create chracter positions.

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    I understand trying to make new changes to help spice things up again...but being a vet I like some of the old stuff...

    I personally like the EGO Grid...it gives me a lot of ways I can personalize how I could play my character...where the new system seems more castrated and are going to be force into picking the obvious things and end up being like everyone else. I know the plan is to add more classes...just add more to the grid.

    I also like the EGO Rating. Its easy to grind 50 levels and have done nothing to learn about how to play the game or to show that you have taken the time to complete things. When I was in game and saw other players at 6000 I knew they had taken the time to complete pursuits and had a knowledge of what they were doing.

    I know this will fall on deaf ears as most games now days are catering to the beggars that want everything handed to them on a silver platter and have done nothing to earn it...and then when they are done they whine and beg for more and leave. Listen to the vets...and make sure the game is fixed before you launch it...or it will be launch all over again.
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