Hey guys,

didnt see a beta forumroom so i guess ill post here. Let me start by saying its really cool that i got a code for my PS4. Made a US acount and i was in.

But here are my issues:

1. Text: Its too small(!) I sit behind my tv about 2.5 mtr away from it and its really hard to read any form of text. Surprisingly the text in the missiontracker(balloon?) is even harder to read, even though it enclosed in a nice seperate field. Best to read is the worldchat (orange) but i can clearly see its too small for how its displayed.

2. Aiming: As a small disclaimer i have a bad controller(!!) But i find the controles on ps4 a bit wonky compared to pc. Since i decided to play it on pc in januari because i heard of the transition to current gen consoles. Also, i dont have a ps3 anymore so cant compare it to that. Perhaps framerate is the issue, but driving is fine atm. So im guessing i would like some more options for adjusting turning or adjustments in general.

3. Graphics: Its not that good looking lol. I like they kept the artstyle, but i thought it be more sharpish. My pc which handles full hd just fine, but cant play bf1 on it for example since its below specs, it is better then my ps4. It looks like a pc port.

4. Music: Can we have some more upbeat music? Its so gloomy and for some reason its not enticing me to action. I have no clue why, but perhaps some adjusting needs to be done in the current music like make it more alive without putting in dj Tiesto in it. More defined highs and lows is probably what i mean.

5. Combat: Do we need more bullets to bring down a enemy? I need 3-4 shotgunshots at small distance. Its a bit sad, the starter revolver is better than the shotgun. Enjoy the color indication wheter its max damage or half when aiming at a target.

6. Touchpad: its not working when a info popup comes in. I have to go to options and then select intel. But the assigned button isnt working for that purpose.

7. Inventory: the weaponupgrades that drop from enemies cant be found in my inventory. I can only see them when i want to upgrade a weapon. Can that be a seperate menutab aswell? I also cant see what it does. truth be told, i tried to upgrade with 3 parts, which isnt alot, but i have no indication wheter it works towards something or not.

8. Message upper left corner: Cant open the shop, or collect "that thing i forgot" atm. Can it leave after awhile? Its just blinking there.

Those are my issues. I love the game is coming back, and will play when it comes out. But i feel its lacking weird stuff. I sort of reminds me about me some years ago and tried to play pc games on my laptop by hooking it up to my tv. I enjoy the controles because it gives off this smooth feeling of a 3th person action shooter. But at times its weird. Its great for nostalgia though, and i hope im in the next beta period.

Good luck

Also: if this is the wrong forumsection could anyone tell me where to post beta feedback? Just didnt see it at glance.