Originally, i had questions about server connection issues, but now i see lots of people have been experiencing these issues, and they are nothing new for years now. It's part of the reason i stopped playing 3 years ago.

But recently it was Beta weekend(April27th-29) and that might have been the reason for some of these problems. Even though its over now, we still are having issues and below will be my documentation of this constant nightmare.

@7:05EST edit: seem fixed now. couldn't connect for 10 minutes
@7:39EST double edit: seems like they have been having connection issues all day.
@8:00pmEST Edit 3: Welp goodbye defiance, 5 server laaag dc's in the last hour, time to do something else today.

@12:10amEST DC again and can't log back in(been 10mins of trying, still super annoying)
"Your connection to the Defiance servers has timed out" after DC. I try to log back in and get this: "The Defiance service is not available. Please Try again Later." Exit Glyph entirely, log back in to character select screen, try to load into game, nopes, still can't get in. This "trying to log in every 5-10min cycle game" is Sooooooo fun >
@12:22amEST looks like servers are down for the count again. Jesus.
@12:55amESt did the youtube shuffle came back and can get in finally.
@3:14amEST seems like every time after doing a full "meta event"(like an Arkfall) you get DC'ed and can't log back in for 20 mins.
@3:23amEST yep servers down for the count again.

~Welcome to TRION Worlds where server dc's are a constant part of our gaming experience.~

@12:45pmEST DC'd again. Have to wait 20mins now? Jesus.
@1:15pm servers coming down in 10mins for emergency maintenance. What emergency, they've been going down constantly it seems since game launched 5 years ago.
@2:20 its up n running, i got back in.
@2:49 DC'd and can't relog again
@3:23pm Got back in finally.
@3:37 log out
@6:04pm Log in
@7:18 log out

So there we have it 24 hours of connection issues, lets count all the dc's i've listed.
10 listed plus the original 3 unmentioned.
13 in one day Yikes!