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    Quote Originally Posted by questfordays View Post
    I played a ton of the beta and got to a power rating of around 620. I felt stuck at that level as most of the items dropped around 540-590 range. Now maybe that was a cap on the Mt Tam / Madera area? I also felt the mission rewards seem to be at a much higher power rating then drops, so maybe a way to entice progressing through the story missions. One other point I did not like when I found an orange shield or grenade and it was a lower power rating than the green shield or grenade I had equipped, what a let down. You should be excited about finding an orange shield/grenade, i mean that's the point of a loot chase to find rare gear. Make the power rating higher or better stats based on the rarity of the drop or even add the new star system to shields/grenades, something to make me feel good about picking up an orange.
    Yes, questfordays, that was annoying for me as well. After I found 2 guns that I preferred around 300 rating, even though my Ego kept rising, my power and drops were NOT getting better than 300 rating, despite having several purple shields and guns. I kept trashing my few 300+ guns (the gun styles and dmg output sucked) and not using the green 400-500 grenades and shields since I liked what I had already. I stagnated at 300 for 5 hours.

    After Rarnok came in and dished some knowledge, I gave his method a try. Color/rarity did not mean matter as much as power rating. I instantly popped in some quest provided 450 grenades and shields, and some barely tolerable mid 300 guns. The spread of stars and the ratings on the items that dropped instantly improved, and kept improving for the next several hours.

    Was it not fun? Correct. But it was day 1 and I could suffer and sacrifice to get stronger. I think with an increase on gun's dropping, once keys are working to increase our chance of getting guns we actually like... we'll still be disgarding them with regularity on up to 4000. Getting to 4000, then grinding the RNG for guns we enjoy that work well too... that's what will matter.

    Maybe we'll start using the vendor's paying the 1 PG for green guns until we get a gun style we like, will become more popular on the rise to 4k. I'd prefer guns drop more often than grenades and shields did from events... we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylarran View Post
    ChaoticD --- you commented on part of my post #11 where I stated:

    "Did you all notice the base rating of the guns you got when you enhanced them? Two numbers displaying under the POWER rating top left. The first begins with a random +/- and is increasable by ranking the weapon up with EP salvage. The green number (the weapon base rating) was +250 for every gun."

    You replied in post #12... trimmed down to where you comment on the above:

    "You are incorrect though with the +250 for each weapon though, that is dictated by the Color Rarity of the weapon which changes the max Power Rating increase it can become. For example, a green rarity is only up to a +100 while a blue is a +150."

    Here's my reply. I'm only bothering since I don't want to mislead anyone else, and I'd like you to understand as well. Bear with me, since I'm correcting you you'll have the hardest time grokking it.

    For the first 2 weekends of beta, every gun started with a base of either 100 or 250. That base has nothing to do with the rarity of the gun, that base is supposed to increase and in beta it was not 'working as intended.' The rarity did not change the base +100 or +250, rarity only affects the limit on the number of ranks you can improve the weapon and a gun's overall rating. So during beta a 100 rated gun that dropped would have (viewable only when you enhance) a 0+100 under it. When your rating got over 250 the guns began dropping with, for instance a 233 rated gun, would look like -17+250 when viewed in enhance mode and if it was a green bumped up 10 ranks then it would appear with +83+250. Yes the overall rating improves, but the base of +250 remained a fixed base.

    I brought up the whole post #11 to point out the problem to Destromathe that the base never increased in beta to +500 base -/+ guns (nor the +1000 base since no one got there), that left those of us who pushed it in beta mired in the 600's which we only got to by pumping rank into our best guns.

    I've mentioned this in a few different threads to attempt to get the dev's attentions, and if we have another beta, I hope this issue is fixed. If it's not, a whole lot of players are going to be crying how terrible the game is since power stagnates in the 600's. There's probably a typo in the part of the code that's supposed to kick up the base gun rating, so the fix need not take much.
    When you initially posted to me on the topic of these 2 numbers, I had not previously looked at them or considered them for this Analysis before hand which is why the information was not originally included in the Analysis. After your post I looked into footage that I took and attempted to determine what the numbers meant without access to the game and came to the conclusion i originally posted to you. I concur that my conclusions were completely incorrect after rechecking each video I have recorded and thank you for addressing these problems so I can further update the Analysis for this specific topic with the correct information. I have no issue with correcting me or notifying me of information that was not originally covered in this thread. Thank you, and keep it coming!

    In regards to this information I personally feel that the system for displaying the improved number before the original number as a substantial visual complication for players. It makes more sense for the Base number to be displayed as the first number with a plus sign indicating how much more that weapon has been increased with Enhancement. With the current system in place backwards there will be confusion from many players in the community much like how I originally misunderstood the numbers. This is added to one of the other things that need to be addressed with the system along with the issues you have presented above. What i still don't understand do to my personal lack of knowledge on this topic is the

    "for instance a 233 rated gun, would look like -17+250 when viewed in enhance mode"

    example that you gave. This makes no logical sense to me as to why this is presented this way and I would love to know why the information is being presented with a negative. I still have yet to receive any input from Trion on this Thread and have not gotten any responses from Mobi after I PM'ed him. I would love to have a conversation with Trion in more depth about these systems for the benefit of the games future. I would like Trion to understand that the point of this Thread is to not create negative opinions on these systems or Defiance 2050 but to create a full Analysis of the current systems for personal and community feedback to fix any issues being presented and/or revamp any systems that might be problematic for the community or endgame. I have updated the Thread with the correct information. Thank you everyone for your feedback and keep it coming.

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    Worth noting that nothing in this thread is explained in-game. Considering that chasing weapons is, at the least, a core function of progression (and thus, vital to retention), shouldn't weapon stats be pretty simple? I've got over a thousand hours in Defiance, a couple dozen in 2050 and I still have no idea how weapon progression is supposed to work in 2050. All I know is that every gun I picked up during the beta felt weak and all the enhancement **** I did had only the most negligible effect on the weapon stats.

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