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    Lightbulb Add UI Scaling Please!

    Please please PLEASE add UI scaling to the game or rework the ui so it's actually legible in 4k. At 3840x2160p the ui is so small you can't read it. It blows my mind that we're on the verge of 8k and almost no game companies are equipped for it properly.

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    Yes! Especially for 4k support. Everything is super duper tiny.

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    Agree, I have to keep sound down at night to not wake everyone, and SUBTITLES are SO small. And the mission Text at top right is small to, I have a big TV, and enjoy kickin back on the couch. XBOX one people. Not at a desk with a PC.

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    Needs Scaling supposed be updated version of the game and not scaling UI for 4K is most disappointing.

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