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    Defiance Livestream Friday 5/4 at 10:30am PT!

    Hello Ark Hunters,

    Thanks so much for participating in the closed beta the past two weekends. Tune in this Friday for the Defiance livestream at 10:30am PT (5:30pm UTC). This week, we'll recap some of the feedback from closed beta and talk about what's coming into Defiance 2050. Join the www.Twitch.tv/TrionWorlds channel and stay connected on forums, Twitter, and Facebook for exciting Defiance news. Continue the fight!

    -The Defiance Team
    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
    Community Manager

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    I won a founder's pack in the livestream, but I have a question: How do I send my information to Mobi now that Twitch Messaging has been disabled?

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    Greetings, Arkhunter. You should have received a whisper on Twitch asking for your information. If you did not, you can send your information to Mobi or I through DM. In your message you should include your character name, what platform the character is found on, what region the character is found on and what email address is tied to the account the character is found on.

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