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    2050 Founders Packs Through Steam?

    Will we be able to purchase the founders packs through steam? With steam using local currency it is my preferred method to go through and I would have ordered it right away if it was on the steam 2050 store page.

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    I'll take that as a maybe...

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    You should realize by now , if we don’t answer our own questions , no one else will ... lol
    Seriously though , I thought I heard them mention something on the livestream about steam but not sure what it entailed
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    Sounds about right. Well hopefully it comes to steam. I got right back into this game after I heard about the remaster and been having a blast. The beta was much improved over the state of the reg game but it will do while waiting. Sadly I had hernia repair surgery recently and can't sit down to play so I'm just waiting for the day I can jump back in again.

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    They said they are working on FP for Steam and for consoles. For PC direct they can just pop it on their web site but for the others there are a lot more hoops to jump through.

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