This occured aprox 3:30 mdt 5/7 I was at diablo vaccine syntheszer participating it was maybe stage 7 or 8. I was int he middle in the pit and i pressed r and nothing happened my gun was empty, switched weapons after current clip ran out no reload. I attempted to sprint out of the situation and the sprint key would not function (remapped to q).

I re-logged my character and reentered the same event. About 5 minutes in the same thing happened this time I rebooted steam and logged back in the event was over so I checked my other characters and they appeared fine.

I don't know what caused it so I don't know how to re create it. This is meant more as a notation that the error occurred in case it happens again. I have been playing since launch and this is a first for me.

Character is 6k ego, blur is the ability equipped but not used during these events.

Edited to flesh out more details.