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    Value of D50 Founder's packs

    I'm trying to assess the value of each pack vs. no packs. For me the value of the packs hinge on the following:

    1. Are bits included (and how important will bits be)?
    Only for the Ultimate pack ($50/6250 bits) so the Class and Demolitionist packs lose a lot of value here
    Could instead buy no pack and just buy bits when required but then the question is whether $50 spent directly on bits grants more than in the pack? Also, what will bits be used for in D50?

    Verdict: Ultimate pack makes sense if planning to buy bits anyway, provided bits have a use

    2. Is anything exclusive included?
    Demolitionist outfit tint - probably won't be used as new outfits are acquired - low value
    Opportunist title - not really a title I would want to show off - low value
    TMW Hannibal 800R ATV - this was a quest reward during beta
    Demolitionist class - seems this is not an initial class selection for F2P but can be unlocked through whatever the class unlock mechanism is
    Unlock all classes - some value if switching loadout between classes will be important early on in the game

    Verdict: Could really do with improving these - why not grant a unique vehicle and a better title, e.g. "Founder". However if you must play Demolitionist ASAP then packs are the only option

    3. If all classes are unlocked initially, will we still be able to earn class unlock tokens?
    E.g. Say getting to level 25 in a class grants a token to unlock a new class and that each class only requires one token we can:

    a) Play for free, max one class, unlock next, max it, unlock next etc. resulting in 5 classes unlocked and one spare token for when the next class is released


    b) Buy the Ultimate pack, max all classes resulting in 5 class tokens. Buying the Class pack would result in 4 class tokens after maxing all 4, purchasing demo and maxing that too. Buying the Demolitionist pack would result in only 2 class tokens after all unlocks

    If after launch 3 new classes are released together then anyone with the Ultimate or Class pack could potentially instantly unlock all instead of one by one or by purchasing the likely accompanying new class pack.

    Verdict: Need to know more about the class unlock system, bit price to instantly unlock a class, upcoming classes and future class packs

    4. Head start
    May be paying for 3 days of empty unstable servers. It's not like a new MMO launch as can always play D13 in those 3 days and having fewer players around will make world events tougher anyway.

    Verdict: Without a release date this is difficult to assess. Potentially a nice benefit to a pack but not would not purchase just for this

    Overall verdict: The Ultimate pack makes the most sense, however there are a lot of unknowns and the pack is still not a must have item. This is a bit disappointing compared to other MMO launch packs

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    Store says release date is july 10th, and bits are the games currency you use to buy cosmetic outfits, xp boosts, item crates etc

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    My conclusion is that they're making the 50 buck pack as the obvious choice, and Trion implying that if you just buy the 20 buck packs, much less the 20 buck pack JUST for explosive dude, you're kind of an idiot. And the notion that you're paying 50 bucks for 50 bucks of bits, plus everything else, suggests 'everything else' including all 5 classes, are of such extreme low value, they're ok with making them freebies.

    I don't see the 3 day head start as a big deal. I'm not looking forward to newbie zergs clogging up the newbie areas, since we'll all probably be levelling at the same pace, doing the same stuff, etc. And that's supposing they don't find some game breaking bug they missed that will require reversion/rollback.

    Unless they are planning not to give you an early vehicle...which was like what...the 3rd mission or so in the story, a bonus vehicle via pack is just a reskin.

    So really you're paying for class access (Costumes too, but eh) and 50 bucks in bits.

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    I think it is a good deal,most of use was planning on spending some cash as we have had to start again,purchasing a bundle getting the same amount back in bits then makes everything in the bundle free really.Win win if you was planning on getting the wallet out.

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    You get your first class free. After that it's either pay for expediancy, or grind out whatever is going to unlock them in game. I'm not even sure the devs have a clue yet how that's going to work. I'm fine with that. They don't have to know now, there is plenty they are still working on programming into the game as it is.

    Frankly, I don't think they are going to tell us how hard, easy, time consuming or not, the method to unlock them until the game is launched. They want us buying the founders bundles. Everytime we ask how classes are unlocked is their cue to sell us founders bundles. We'll just have to try our best to be patient to find out about unlocking classes when the game launches. Them telling us now how to earn them doesn't sell founders packs.

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