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People have been focusing on what they can carry over from Defiance to Defiance 2050 I haven't seen another important question asked:Is there going to be more story content (at launch and beyond) expanding upon the story that has been told so far in our current Defiance game? Last time we got something was in regards to the shrill. Are we going to see any new story content or is this simply a port to current general hardware with mechanic changes involved? The small bit of game play we saw on the stream was at Happy Pow farms doing the same repeat mission to smash the eggs and rescue the guy for Cooper.I for one want the story to continue. Chasing arkfalls is fun and all, but I want to know WHY we are still in Paradise when there is an entire planet to explore.
Yes, we are aiming to expand upon the story in Defiance 2050, and are focusing on building a great foundation at launch first. This includes new and improved leveling, class, and weapon systems for players, along with server stability improvements and bug fixes. We have a lot of things planned for the road ahead and closer to launch we can go into more detail about bringing new end game content, missions, and more to the Defiance world. We’re taking a look at feedback from beta, forums, and our social platforms as we continue developing Defiance 2050 and look forward to the future.
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