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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylarran View Post
    2050's going to need, more inventory capacity than the dev's on the livestreams imply we will need.
    baby needs space for his mods...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratpie View Post
    baby needs space for his mods...

    Hell Ya! Now That's some modding.

    I'd hate to meet the 5 eyed alien that's modded our human tech so it can simoultaneously aim all five of it's 5-burst heat seeking bullets.

    Fun aside, by the end of 2050 2nd weekend I'd only modded 3 guns (partially) because even though I ended up keeping 70 mods at the end of that last sunday (I had to ditch a lot of greens during those 6 days, retaining a few useful greens, mostly blues and some solid purple mods) my 3 guns STILL had empty mod slots, even with over 120 mods dropping in 6 days, I still couldn't get the missing mods they needed to drop... for 3 GD guns.

    I'd spent the entire 2nd weekend waiting for a better (higher rated weapon than what I'd already crafted) and ended up never getting one to drop... so all those mods I'd been saving in anticipation, for whatever gun type it was... stayed in inventory.

    They NEED to implement some kind of mod salvage/mod enhancement/mod purchase system, similar but SIMPLER than what they created for enhancing guns. Otherwise it's going to be the Defiance Inventory Management Game all over again. Yes! You too can play it again and again every 15 min. /eyeroll

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    They need to reintroduce the broker system they tried in old defi, into the game but make it only for mods.
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