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Thread: Time Trials

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    Time Trials

    Time trials are the worst. So frustrating. If I want to play a ****ty version of GTA or some other racing game, I would've bought one/joined one. I really like the fps and sci-fi parts, don't mind the hotshots, etc. It all meshes with the overall game experience, but being forced to finish time trails to increase my ego rating is rage inducing. Why have one time trial in every pursuit category, so you can't complete any without being forced to drive a vehicle with half the responsiveness of a large wet mop( mopping up cement) and half the responses of a neurotic house cat with a crack problem. Arghh! Why not have one big category of driving and driving related pursuits, for the people who enjoy that thing, and leave it out of regular fps/morph gaming. Ok, I admit the hate is because I suck at driving but I suck at driving because I absolutely hate it. I just don't like driving games they're not my thing they never were. I just get so frustrated, I can play for an hour driving and I have a worse time at the end of the hour than in the beginning. It just makes me want to rage quit.... the frustration is beyond words. Well, thanx for listening to my rant, I hope the devs take note for defiance 2050.

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    Do the same race over an over till you gold it ,put the hell on wheels perk on ,use both joysticks (one to steer the other one to straighten you out in the air before you land from a jump ) boost as much as you can and never lay off the gas .

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    OMG I hate time trials with a bloody passion! I'm not fond of the skills tests in general but these are especially frustrating. Someone might say just to skip those but there's some good loot is behind them.

    I know you didn't ask for advice but here's a few things I have found that help:

    - Boost when you see the circle thingie in the middle of an arch. It's not JUST for speed; your bike will actually go straighter during boost and the course is planned in a way that makes that important in the boost areas. Even the bumps are in places where at boost speeds you may jump over some obstacles you would otherwise encounter.

    - DON'T boost when you don't see that. Besides the fact that the arches without circle thingies won't refill your boost, the courses also seem to be arranged to punish you for boosting in the non-boost areas. You can get away with it sometimes but they often have turns or obstacles you can't make at boost speeds, or that minor bump on the ground becomes a jump that will cause you to miss a turn. I also notice that I am much more likely to encounter lag where the arches won't appear before I get to them if I am boosting in non-boost areas.

    - If you miss an arch and have to go back or run into an obstacle that causes you to come to a dead halt you probably won't get gold. If you do it twice you won't make it. If you keep going you might get the rewards for silver or bronze if you care about that. If you make a really bad mistake like going off a cliff without hitting the arch, or go into the water there really is no point in continuing. You can just stop and get off. After a few seconds your run will fail and you can start over.

    - Not missing a turn, hitting every arch without going back, and not slamming into obstacles is more important than going at max speed. You need speed too, especially in the boost areas, but I've never gotten gold by going flat out all the way through. I always have to slow a bit for some turns or something. The trick to getting gold is the flawless run.

    - Every little thing on the course matters. Every bump, turn, rock, etc. will change how you go through it. A little to the left may hit a bump that puts you in the air for a couple of seconds while a little to the right is smooth. Which is best depends on what comes up next. Start off by trying to hit every arch in the exact middle as square as possible to that arch as that seems to be the way the course is designed. If you can't manage that then experiment with each one till you find what works best for you.

    - If there's a big zerg in the area, find something else to do for a while. Nothing is more frustrating than arches that just don't appear in time for you to hit them because of lag. I had a flawless run on one course recently but the arches were laggy so I was having to go a bit slower in places. I got to the end and had to just stop and wait for the next to last arch to appear while the clock ran over. SO frustrating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hate View Post
    put the hell on wheels perk on
    Great pro tip! thanks!
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    I only played maybe 3 of them. One of them is so hard i gave up, its the one near the farm. I think that one gives you a new outfit, but i said to hell with it lol.

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    Just like the previous Defiance I won't be doing the time trials. I have no interest in playing a car game, this is not why i play defiance and have no interest what so ever in time trials and racing around the map.Also no interest in PvP, or should I say 1 shot kills rubbish. Yes I know I have to do time trials to achieve goals but if not doing the trials means I dont get them goals then so be it. Devs please dump the time trials from daily/weekly or what ever goals!

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    So Easy To Fix Time Trials

    All they have to do is increase the health for time trial vehicles so you don't die from hitting the smallest hellbug, add on a minute to the time so if there are obstructions you have time to go around, or have it where you go into you're own little server where no enemy's spawn or events. They only have to do one of these things and time trials would actually be fun and not such a grind or pain to do. Please just let some developer see these and do one of these to fix time trials

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    With the bumpyness of off road challanges, I feel like I'm playing with RNG mechcanics on whether or not I'm gonna launch myself into the air and lose control. I wish Trion would just patch gold increasing it's time by 15 second and bronze by a minute just to make things much easier.

    This is a shooter, not a racing game....

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