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    Expedition Runaways

    Wondering when or if Expeditions will ever be fixed? The reason I ask is for the same reason so many before gave asked. I just ran a low round 3 War Below Expedition to complete some weekly contracts. Got to the end and eliminated all mutants but one that somehow runs off behind the walls of the map and then off to who knows where out of reach of explosives & what not. Needless to say I was not able to complete the Expedition. This is a huge waste of time for those of us who end up with nothing gained and having to restart same tier & round all over again. So please Devs tell us will this issue be addressed before 2050 takes over and D13 is shut down?

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    From my experience this only happens when you leave the “fighting area” like going into the water and killing the boss
    Not easy. Just simple.

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