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    I'm afraid. It should be 100% Arkforges, Scrips, Purified gulanite. I'm sorry those who were happy. Once Defiance 2050 arrives, will not it be the end of it?

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    Just before these constant bonuses I finished last pursuits that are tied to reputation
    Trion wants more players to gain Valor.

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    Sweet thanks devs. Heading in the right direction. Let's have oldfiance go out with a bang

    Being cheeky here but how about free dlc for everyone? I can't see many wanting to buy it now. And it's free in 2050. So why not make it free in oldfiance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephkial View Post
    Good morning Arkhunters! A little surprise for you all. You spoke out and we listened. 100% boosts to XP, Rep, and Score are now active on all platforms/regions. We will be leaving boosts on permanently!
    i guess this is what everyone is talking about. missing boosts . this post is relevant once again.

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    Yes, we found it already and it was because they intended to close the game once D2050 is released. But we're not going to do it.

    And please no necroposting.

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