Its been a good run and i have enjoyed most of it.but the one thing that lets it down is the ridiculous price we are asked to pay for in store items.trion seem keen on distorting all that we love about the original defiance game and with a smoke and mirrors act that would make David Copperfield sit up and take note.they have us all looking the wrong way .1st point the game r.n.g is not a r.n.g it a n.g if the drops are weighted to give most what I give back most. 2nd the instore items, bit boxes, consumables, exetra are ridiculously overpriced for what can be a decisive wieghted drop.3rd damage spikes are a integral part of the open world events and when all the players disappear on an event the spike is the only thing for many to group and consolidate fire. Trion make ill thought out desitions to change the game without thinking why .300 clan size is a stupid idea that will cause real people who enter the game after a short absence to find not a warm welcome from old friend but a flawless unwanted rejected avatar .hey but i guess we all will be used to that by then. Really trion whats the point in what is purely a macivelion change and is based more on power and control and nothing to do with improving the experience. Jokes over dear John I found my true love and your war destroyed it .