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    6/8 Livestream Info and Feedback

    Hey everyone! Last devstream before E3!

    Next week Trion will be at E3. Lucent_Beam will be hosted next Friday for a hype stream of original Defiance like a couple weeks ago!

    Despite more of us having access to the 2050 forums now I will continue to post the summaries here so that those who don't have access can view them. They showed off all the 4 starting classes today and most of the abilities and passives for each!

    We got some gameplay today from each of the 4 starting classes and a fair amount of info on the skills and passives of each

    Link to stream


    • Stealth - has a 10 second duration and gives a DMG boost for 3 seconds coming out of cloak
    • DMG boost starts at 50%, 75%, and 100% boost at max rank

    • Bio Toxin - no new info but they did show it today during the stream

    • Can choose between 1 of these 2 summonable weapons tied to an ability
    • Hidden Blade - essentially a summonable charge blade. It is duration based.
    • You can go into stealth and activate your hidden blade... and get the stealth DMG boost with your hidden blade (60 second cool down)
    • Big Bang - summonable charge sniper rifle tied to an ability. It is duration based but also consumes charges when you take shots with it. (120 second cool down)

    • Eviscerate - critical hits cause enemies to bleed for 3 seconds (20 second cool down)
    • Evasive Maneuvers - dodge roll gives you a DMG buff for 5 seconds (20 second cool down) 15% extra DMG at max rank
    • Stalk - increases movement speed for 5 seconds upon entering Stealth

    • Sniper Recovery - faster recoil recovery with sniper rifles
    • Pistol Empower - oncreases pistol DMG at close range
    • Hunt - on critical kill faster reload for 5 seconds (20 second cool down) 50% faster at max rank

    • Scoundrel - increased dmg from attacking enemies from behind
    • Devastation - critical hits have a chance to stun enemies for 5 seconds (20 second cool down)
    • Execute - enemies below 30% take additional dmg 40% at max rank


    • Changed aesthetic of the barrier shield. It looks a little bigger now and doesn't look exactly like the Dark Matter Monitor shield anymore...
    • Barrier blocks projectiles and bullets. You and your allies can shoot through the shield.
    • Barrier - 12 second duration and 35 second cool down

    • Taunt - draws aggron from enemies to have them focus fire to you. Range is "about 10 meters at base and increases as you level the skill".
    • Taunt decreases enemy DMG by 25% for 5 seconds in PvP
    • Bolster - increases your Vitality (health, armor, shields) by 30% at max rank, as well as reducing critical DMG dealt to you by 50%, for 15 seconds (35 second cool down)

    • Ground Pound (Shock wave?) - unleashes an AoE attack around the player... can combine this with taunt for some crowd controlling
    • Steadfast - 50% dmg reduction for the player but move 25% slower (45 second cool down)

    • Health Boost - Killing an enemy grants a buff that gives you addition health for 15 seconds (stacks up to 5 times)
    • Energize - taking damage recharges your EGO power (5 second cool down)
    • Reflect - portion of DMG dealt to you by enemies is reflected back at them 25% at max rank

    • Heavy Hitter - on rescue kill you gain increased DMG and threat generation (aggro?) for 5 seconds (20 second cool down)
    • Other passives in Tier 2 row were not covered

    • Shrug Off - reduces splash DMG range at which explosives hit you
    • Endurance - buff that gives DMG reduction each time you are attacked. 1 second duration (?) and stacks 3 times.
    • Second Life - if you would go down... instead you go to 1 health and are immune to DMG for 5 seconds 150 second cool down at max rank

    Combat Medic

    • Healing Bot - heals you and friendly allies, 40 duration at max rank, 40 second cool down

    • Protection Spike - an ability for combat medic now with 15 second duration (50 second cool down) 30% DMG reduction at max rank
    • Inspire - increases DMG for yourself and for allies. 10 second duration.

    • Revive Spike - a spike that allows players to revive themselves as long as they are close to the spike (180 second cool down) 25 second duration at max rank
    • Recover - increases your self revive refresh rate each time your bot heals a player
    • Other passives in Tier 1 row were not covered

    • LMG Dampen - increases accuracy with Light Machine Guns
    • Pistol Tactican - pistols do more critical DMG 20% at max rank
    • Bot Supplier - when healing bot heals a player it will replenish their ammo reserves

    • Bot Empower - when healing bot heals a player fire rate is increased for that player for 5 seconds 25% fire rate at max rank
    • One for All - returns on combat medic. When you revive a group member other group members are also revived.
    • Hasten - on kill movement speed increases for you and near allies for 5 seconds (20 second cool down). The buff can stack with others using it.

    They covered the Assault Class again. It didn't appear to have changed any since closed beta and the last time they covered it so I didn't go over it again here.

    Other Information
    • Respec doesn't cost anything. You can do it anytime as much as you want.
    • Power Rating display in top left next to health and shields now. Enemies now also have a power rating listed above their health as well.
    • You can use any weapon on any class... no restrictions
    • Announcements coming at E3! Stay tuned...
    Despite being 1000-1400 power and fighting enemies around 200 in mount tam Chip wasn't face rolling them. Scaling seems to be a little different than the closed beta though. I imagine they aren't done tweaking it. Looking forward to an open beta date being announced at E3 hopefully .

    And I won a founder's pack and 50k purified gulanite. Woot! First time ever winning anything on twitch. Too bad I am on PS4 haha... RIP.
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    Thanks for the info and congratz for the prize.

    Ps: I retired my PS3 last friday and i´ve been playing on my laptop that shouldn´t be able to run the game. If you have a decent PC try playing it for a while and use that PG.

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    Thanks for the info. Can we use these classes without paying?
    also i hope open beta starts next week, readdddddddddddddddddddy to play.

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    Thanks for the info Maverick07

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAPDAlonzo View Post
    Thanks for the info. Can we use these classes without paying?
    also i hope open beta starts next week, readdddddddddddddddddddy to play.
    Yes. You get the class you pick at the start, plus another halfway to EGO 50, and once you reach level 50 you can earn the other classes through gameplay.
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    Thanks for passing on this info again! Been busy with RL and all the Battlefield V forum stuff going on.

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    They got rid of the Ego grid that was unique to Defi, and went instead with a system that extremely limits gameplay.

    Currently, I use OC in 4 of my 6 loadouts. The only time I use blur is during pvp. Now, I won't have that option.

    Looking pretty dismal to me staying on with 2050. It's a shame, really!


    I vaguely remember them boasting that the new system would allow players to "play the game the way they wanted to". Another Trion lie....
    "It is what it is..."
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    I can assure you that we care deeply about Defiance.
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    So, won't Guardian be incredibly overpowered in PvP? 25% damage reflection seems incredibly powerful.
    Jump really high!

    If you ever believe the Blast Rifle/Tempest is a fair weapon:

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteStrike View Post
    So, won't Guardian be incredibly overpowered in PvP? 25% damage reflection seems incredibly powerful.
    Yeah, and with the other abilities, it seems like it’s going to be stupidly overpowered and annoying in PvP.
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