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    a few suggestions for the old defiance before it closes soon

    1. Adjust the drops on expo like add standard T5 mods to skitterlings, gear chest or boss drop just like how event ones drop randomly. Also add T4/T5 faction mods as well. You did add some jackpots from vendors but people can't buy the specific mods for them when no one sells them in zone because most still uses their rep for arm crates and no one buys the 215 rep ones.

    2. Add T2 faction mods on specific weapon vendors. Finding a burst mag for prepared or scavenger is tough since you removed the old 100 rep boxes years ago which drop those. the 215 ones don't drop burst mags except the T3 ones with nanos included. Also the mods on sale on vendors are only T3 so T2 burst mags aren't included on the hourly sales.

    3. Fix the 99er Silicon Valley incursions. It tends to stall at wave 1 because the miners that automatically die turns to grid and they get stuck outside the map and you have to find them and kill them just to make the incursion proceed to wave 2.

    4. This one i've seen saying since 2015 but unlock armistice jackpots and other locked weapons. I'm tired of suggesting this but dev-senapis won't notice me OwO
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    Agree, especially with points 3 and 4.
    Some people consider that the developers are very busy with Def'50, but the game is active and considering that it is the final stretch of Def'13 it would be a good idea to give some incentives ...

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    Bringing the event system back and probably removing pvp nerfs. But I'm not expecting anything.
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    How hard will it be to bring the HUNT back? Remove nerfs and let us enjoy it before it's gone!
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