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    Dropping the bomb on mecca


    Quote Originally Posted by Tashinka View Post
    There is that optimistic, positive outlook we have all come to expect; nerf the pursuit rating, electric rigs, mb's and everything else for ruining pvp
    Id rather be the shepherd then the sheep.

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    I'm at 2435, Xbox 360 na.
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    Started this account about 2 months ago currently at 1260, still grinding.

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    Im at 1985 now all i got left from season 1 is a few pvp and rep i think the highest i can get before the cutoff will be 2100
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    2285 here. I "lost" 45 pursuit rating in the Road to 2050 category because i thought I can finish expeditions after the event ends...

    The remaining pursuits are Thorn Liro, Echelon and Paradise 6000 reputation pursuits, plus bunch of expeditions.

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    they should give us more time. unless they gonna shut down d13 when 2050 drops.

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    2450 and few things i can do from stuff i dnt fee like doing old school we had to grind lol

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    Got everything except expo pursuits.

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    Sitting around 21?? and that is probably where i'll stay, getting less and less enthusiastic about 2050 as each day passes.

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    Made it to 2030
    13th dragoons founder na
    one of defiance oldest clan
    ashes eu

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