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    Defiance 2050 questions

    Will Defiance 2050 fix ANY of my main gripe with the original. those being:

    1. Well Level and stats finally mean something?

    i.e in Defiance when you got a higher lvl weapon or better armor your defense didnt seem to improve and your weapon didnt seem to hit any harder than your previous one... which made getting higher lvl gear pointless imo

    2. Will the co-op be less anti co-op then the first?

    i.e in the fisrt game you run a story mission with your friend, go through a dungeon together but at the end when it times to fight that boss youre split up and have to do it solo. while your friend has to wait on you to finish (or vice versa) before proceeding, instead of you both fighting the boss together like any other co-op game would be. Kinda made playing with your friends pointless

    3. Will there finally be real raids (ark falls dont count).

    i.e dungeons that require a large group of ppl (not just one party) with a super mega boss at the end you have to take down for uber loot (which would be pointless if armor/level/weapons still mean nothing this time around).

    I mean for a game that calls itself an mmo there was very little reason to play with or interact with others, doing the stuff above would change that

    4. This ones highly unlikely but Ill ask anyway as I always wanted it. Will there be open world always on PVP (i.e another player can shoot and kill you anywhere on the open world mp (maybe aside from towns which would be safe and dungeons for the obvious reasons). Id love that. Even if it means you have to make separate PVP servers for the carebears who cant handle being shot at anytime then they can play on a "safe" world.

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    I'm sorry to say NO ONE from Trion will give you DEFINITE answers to these, as most of their answers are vaguely worded and hopeful while never saying no... so I'll do my best to reply to your questions. FYI, I've played for 4.5 yrs on PC/NA, and attended almost all of the 2050 livestreams, paid attention to the limited dev replies to questions on the forums... and I think I can give you a decent indication of what you will or won't see from them. Here goes.

    1) I'm a bit amazed at your take on Defiance 2013 ("D13" henceforth). You are partially correct, in that defensively there is very little difference, no matter your level in D13. That will not change in 2050. Avoiding taking damage via mobility, or use of lifesteal weapons will remain your go to options for survivability in both.

    Offensively, in D13 (here's where I'm amazed) the level of the weapon and the level of your EGO made a HUGE difference. Granted with 6000 ego there's a very slow and gradual increase, but the last thousand Ego on weapons provide a very large and impactful difference. Offensively for 2050, no one can answer that yet. In the 2 limited beta weekends EVERYONE stagnated in their Power rating increase in the 600's. The beta cap was stated as 1500 Power rating, and 4000 Power rating will be the cap when 2050 goes live. Their was a problem with the system they designed, I've mentioned it in several posts to bring attention to it for Destromathe and it's tedious so I won't repeat it. I hope it will be corrected for the next beta, it should be a simple fix, assuming they are actually paying attention to the forums (it's frankly hard to tell since they reply to 1% of comments made there). We DO know that increasing your Power rating to 4000, which affects the stat bonuses, the condition (stars) and damage on the weapons will be a slow and gradual progress. They want us to take many months getting to 4000, and this will be very dependent upon your playtime. No one's seen the damage scaling, the initial weapons are all nerfed in terms of base damage and crit and are weak compared to D13 early weapons. They are starting us low, in preparation for what I'm sure they anticipate as years of increased damage... somewhat similar to how synergies kept improving our damage scaling over time in D13.

    2) your question mentions co-op play, but your explanation of the problem is a story only issue. Co-ops will remain the same. In beta all we saw was one dungeon-ish story mission that was possible to do with others. The one co-op we could do, killing the Piercer bioman was tedious with the mushy pea shooters everyone was using, but doable with players who knew the fight and avoided getting dead too much. So I can't confirm there will be story missions that can only be done by you, yet. My take on D13 was the story was just flavor content, unlike many other mmo's where progression is mainly done by pushing story missions... if you expected this from D13 you were mistaken. I suspect the same of 2050... that the story and side missions will be flavor content, that will also give you reliable green drops that can be used to push your power rating up "some" but will not take you anywhere near 4000.

    3) The dev's have been asked and asked for raids over the last 4 months. They pay lip service to it by saying grudgingly "we'll look into it" with Destromathe coming the closest to barely sounding enthusiastic about saying Oh Yes to it, without saying Oh Yes. They don't want to be held to any answer, or promise something they may not deliver on. Makes sense, I don't blame them for that. Do I think actual raids will ever happen? No. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised, but the game would have to be wildly successful (and I think it will be initially from PS4 and XB1), but the lack of deeper content will have most players leaving the game in droves after a few months. I don't think the weaker guns and very slow power rating increase will wow enough players to stick around for long. Gamers are fickle and they go where the fun is. We'll see how long 2050 provides that fun factor after the 'newness' wears off.

    I've always enjoyed major arkfall finals, and while I'd like to see some genuine difficulty from them that required actual co-ordination, various tactics and intelligent focus fire required at them (and in 2050 possibly requiring a certain balance of classes)... that was never Trion's goal for D13. I just don't think Trion will spend the programming time delivering on that level of content for 2050. They have kept D13 casual. They do raids very well for Rift, and have delivered that successfully for many years... I just don't see that happening in 2050. I'd like to be wrong, since I love raiding, personally.

    4) I think that's a great idea, there are certainly plenty who enjoy that competition. I don't see them doing this. It would require a more active participation on adjusting balance to the classes and the damage output of the different guns pvp'ers use to balance that as well... and they have never done that in D13, other than a gross tinkering with certain nano benefits and crit changes... once a year early on, and every 3-4 months over the last couple years. Granted they had a VERY small staff budget and they didn't spend it balancing pvp in D13.

    For 2050, there's been no focus or mention at all for pvp. None. Their sole focus is on getting 2050 working and playable, so I'd suspect pvp will be different only in that everyone will have ****ty arsed guns at the start. No one has any idea if a pvp centric focus will provide any benefit to increasing our Power rating... I highly doubt it. Which means focusing on open world combat, co-ops, etc... to grind gear drops to slowly boost your Power level. I'm sure there will be pvp... no telling how it will go with a bunch of people shooting mushy peas at each other. It could be fun. I suspect those that get lucky with a good drop or two will be OP for a week or two until others getting lucky drops surpass them. Guns have limits on how many ranks they can be increased, and then they become obsolete as newer guns with better ratings outstrip them, which might not take long at all.

    Anyway, if you got this far (yes, nearly all my posts are LONG)... I recommend patience to see how 2050 develops over the first year it's out. We'll see by then just how much effort they will put into evolving 2050.

    2050 PC/NA Founder: Babydoll (with permission from Professor Chaos) aka Babydahl, Bloody Natasha, Kylarran in Defiance
    Defiance PC/NA Founders: Professor Chaos and Iron Death, RIP brother

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