Hello Fellow Ark Hunters

Recently I've been doing a little investigation on ERS New Freedom and I've discovered that there is no proper date as to when ERS New Freedom Crashed except this

ERS New Freedom
April 2046 - Bay Area Frontier

This message can be found at the start of

Defiance Launch Trailer - Welcome to The New Age

After seeing this I began to think. Why would Trion Not add the exact day ERS New Freedom Crashed? So I decided to find out for myself. After a few minutes of thinking it hit me.

The Release Date

I jumped on to Google and searched

Defiance Release Date

The First thing that showed up was

2 April 2013

I was shocked to discover the exact date had been under our nose for 6 years

After a few minutes I began to put the puzzle pieces together. Fellow Ark Hunters after 6 years of development I Neolord have discovered what I believe to be the Official Date of the ERS New Freedom Crash that calmed the lives of an estimated 200 people.

That date is

2 April 2046

Now before you flood the comments what I have said is 100% Speculation as to what I believe the Official Date of the ERS New Freedom Crash. I admit I might be wrong but I'm entitled to my own opinion. And Remember

Keep The Bullets Flying & Hellbugs Dying

Happy Ark Hunting