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    Quote Originally Posted by oOxTAZxOo View Post
    ...I hope you will succeed in finding a solution quickly because it becomes really unplayable and in addition the shop does not work either.
    Hello Taz ... yes, Trion and the Dev Team are aware of the problems with the Bits Store, please see:

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    the restart doesnt fix it already been done multiple times it goes for 10 minutes an returns need to fix the issue causing it

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    Good evening everyone.
    The restart last night only improved things a few minutes.
    Alas, tonight it's like before the restart yesterday.

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    Good evening.
    Like what it can always be worse: now with the lags after the major arch fall of the current event, we are disconnected from the server and we have a queue of several minutes ...
    Not cool !

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    LAG renders Defiance unplayable

    The LAG of Defiance renders the game absolutely unplayable and it seems that there is no improvement or solution in sight, restarts of the servers only help for a few minutes before the LAG is back.

    At the moment i have up to 3 (three!) Seconds delay before the server reacts.

    Maybe it is time to quit playing Defiance (and/or Defiance 2050) at all?

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    The time has come...

    For two months:
    Ex Inanis Vendors on Iron Demon - sells northing
    Defiance Store is out
    Lag on server it's at its best

    Defiance 2013 became a piece of crap not worth playing it even a minute.
    As for me - I've finally cancelled my PP subscription - no more paying for this.
    There are many other games worth to play.

    For me: Defiance 2013 - GAME OVER

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