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    Well look at that. They didn't quit on Defiance after all

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    As much as I'm happy to see the store reopened, so players could gain access to their Bits and/so others can buy what they want, I forgot how much I hated the store, especially after what they done. I'm talking about that pesky option to add a random item to your cart. What this does is slow the game from loading you into anything! I made a Thread last year explaining how I got stuck in load screen for nearly 10 minutes until I added the item to my cart, and I kid ya not, I loaded into the game! Call it a bug or whatever... But such a thing isn't necessary when it strains your gameplay. Is such a thing necessary when we know where the store is?

    And no, they did nothing about it.
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    Understand that the players aren't your personal police force that must be looking out for hackers 24/7. That is your job.
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    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
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    Because after 4 years of defiance, if you're still here, then it's not that big of a problem. Right?
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    Loot boxes are not pay to win.

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    I am closing this thread as the store is back on Defiance (D30) If you have a suggestion or an issue to report on this topic, please create a new thread.

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