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    Quote Originally Posted by You Cant Stop Me Son View Post
    Trion doesn't believe in refunds.... Only cash grab grab grab!!!
    thats why you go thru Sony . and let Sony what has been going on for months.

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    Watch their live stream, no mention of the store. Also they are in denial about how crappy 2050 is. sigh. I had a discussion with someone in the game last night, if anyone bought bits and the store went down soon after, handle your business hahah. I know i will if that happen to me. And that's all i will say. Seems like they are focus on 2050 and that's it.

    This is my last official post, I'm done wasting my time on these forums and asking for anything to change, its clearly not going into that direction. Enjoy 2013 while its here i guess. Peace.

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    Trion wont reply to anyone unless u say something bad about them then they will delete your post within 4 hours and give u a warning as thats the way it is as i think they r not even trying to fix the bitstore for the 360

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