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    Forums Crash

    Hello Fellow Ark Hunters

    Yesterday I was unable to logo onto the Forums through Glyph Account Management as it keep coming up with an error. I sadly am unable to recall what the error said. Did anyone else encounter this problem or was it just me. I believe it to either be

    #1 The Forums Crashed due to Overload from user's posts being too lit.


    #2 The Forums were downed for Maintenance.

    Either way I'm just curious as too if anyone (other than myself) experienced the same problem or if you know the reason. And remember

    Keep The Bullets Flying & Hellbugs Dying

    Happy Ark Hunting

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    It was a backend issue that impacted all of our Forums. Issue should be resolved now.

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    Yep im able to get in once again it said i was not authenticated or something
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    I was not able to log in yesterday... but I am back now.

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