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    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    This game is about to be fully modded and exploited by players. And some have already been doing it for some time knowing full well there is no one to do a damn thing about it. Now that the game is through Gamigo servers and not PS3 or Trion's it's going to be like O.G. Call of Duty.
    then why dont you report this players who you say are modding? ive been accused hacking , modding , using aimbot , using a lag switch etc, etc,etc.... for going on 6 years almost . i get threaten to get my account perma ban on a the daily by players . yet here i am . still playing pvp every day . and not 1 single video has every been posted of me doing anything wrong online . and i aint going anywhere till the servers shut down.

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    Fasti ftw

    Defiance - PC-US Maintenance - Dec. 4
    Hey all,

    We're bringing Defiance (D13) PC-US servers offline for maintenance at 1PM PST (9PM UTC). Downtime will likely be about 1 hour.

    If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update this thread.


    above psted by fasti


    the d 13 bit store seems to be working now (have purchased anything yet)

    I just wanted to say thanks to the devs and I really hope d 13 is here to stay many players like myself have no interest in playing d2050 as things are now and we love d13. we at chaos crew hope to see this version of the game continue, and continue to be supported. Its nice to see some work put back into this game, and I would like to see more, I am sure some console players would like to see d13 on new gen as well. Everyone has their own opinion but in mine d13 is the best, and after all these months I am glad to see some effort put back to where it belongs my home d13. This is good news and I hope new good news follows along with new content, bug fixes, bug fixes and bug fixes, did I say bug fixes and further support for the defiance community best of luck to everyone.

    I don't say this often

    have a good day, a few drinks, and grill something awesome
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    d13 all the way to the end . 2050 needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery .

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    Is the D13 store back up for PS3 or just PC?

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    I can confirm that you can indeed purchase successfully using bits you have already, As i tested it. You cant however buy bits atm, but all in good time ^_^

    Also @ Decoy, i think you guys might get it tomorrow? Theres an update for all platforms but PCNA (as we had ours today) and odds are it'll be for the same thing.
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    Thank you thank you for bringing the store back and the key boxes are working great now too. Is there plans to fix the Euro store also? As of tonight it was not working on the euro server yet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHBRINGER210 View Post
    d13 all the way to the end . 2050 needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery .
    I concur. Tried 2050 for a month and no matter how much I played I never got to like it as much as d13

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    OMG!!! Does this mean the lag on PC NA has also been fixed?

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    Well I hope it's going to get fixed. Would love
    To use my remaining bits for a Patron Pass.

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    Good afternoon, Arkhunters

    After this most recent downtime for D13, the in-game Store is now back and fully operational on all platforms/regions. You can even purchase Bits again, through the in-game Store.

    Thank you all for you patience, and we the Dev team would like to assure you all that D13 is not going anywhere!

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